If you are the one who is going to get knots in a few days, you have to prep everything before your big day comes. More than a groom the bride will have a lot of things to prep before their wedding and they also have to undergo their wedding make-up and hairstyle trail to look stunning on their wedding costume. The hairstyle is the one which going to make you look special along with your wedding accessories, in this case, you have to decide the hairstyle based on your face shape. If you are round face girls, there are several wedding hairstyles for a round face shape to try, so get to know of them before selecting yours.

Here are some of the hairstyles for braids for round face;

Elegant bun, it is one of the most preferable types of hairstyle for the round face bride. As the name implies it makes you look elegant with a unique look. To create extra cuteness to your hairstyles you can add some of the hair designer clips and you can also use a string of petals.

Mohawk, this type of hairdo makes you look trendy at the same time cute. When you having this hairstyle it gives volume to look in the top of the head and make your face look elongated. To add charm stoned hairclips and pearls can be used.

Matha-Patti, if you are the one who prefers to stay simple you can try this kind of hairstyle for round shape face. In this hairstyle, the hair will get divide into both sections and leave them, fall over the cheeks. But while having it you should leave enough open for your face to let to makeup highlight you.

Final verdicts

Before going with the usual hairstyles of braids for round chubby faces, think different and unique. If you don’t have an idea search for it on the internet or get ideas from your hairstylist.