Designer & Design

In the world of fashion, there are two differing business modes: running a brand and running a personal label. The running of a brand usually belongs to a profit-motivated registered company, while a personal label is much smaller in scale and is driven by fashion rather than profit. The main difference between the two is that most personal labels are not long-lasting due to lack of funds, while big-name brands

Production Supply Chain

In today’s market, there are two main types of fashion modes: haute couture and ready-to-wear. Haute couture refers to a designer’s exclusive creation of custom-fit clothing. It is high-end fashion, which each product constructed by hand from start to finish. Sourced from high-quality materials, haute couture is specifically tailored for customers’ individual body measurements and caters to their specific design demands. In the traditional sense, haute couture is very expensive and is not accessible to most people.

Why Do We Have Physical Boutiques?

We provide online and in-store services to give clients a better experience. They can find much more styles online but can also enjoy a nice dress fitting and have the traditional experience of feeling the dress quality and fabrics in our physical stores